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Basket Care Tips

bad cat!

Bad cat! Gayle's cat, making herself at home in a hearth basket!

My Guarantee

A well made basket should give you years of service, if properly cared for, and used according to its intended purpose.

Most of my baskets are made to order. I guarantee the workmanship, and that I have made the basket as closely to your wishes as I could.

Basket Care Tips

Baskets are made from natural materials, and need a certain amount of care to maintain their looks and usefulness.

....Although they are sturdy, don't overload them.
....Baskets need a certain amount of moisture, but don't let them stay in a damp area.
....Mist very lightly once a year or so.
....Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.
....Keep them free of dust and dirt.
....Protect the basket from grease and food by lining with a napkin.

Basket Materials

Baskets are made of almost any material that is flexible enough to work with, and sturdy enough to maintain its shape:

...Reed is a very common basketry material. It is the inside of the rattan vine, and is very strong, flexible when damp, and inexpensive.

...Cane is the outside skin of the rattan plant. Reed and cane are used extensively and are avialable ready to weave - making them ideal for classes and affordable baskets.

...Honeysuckle, grapevine, and other vines. The vine can be boiled and the bark removed, or left natural.

...Ash, common in New England and certain other areas. The log must be pounded to separate the growth rings so that they can be peeled off and made into splints for weaving.

...White oak, common in the Appalachian mountain region. The log is rived and split, then split again before being separated into growth rings. The inner, or heartwood, is used for handles and rims. This is a heavy, durable wood, that takes on a lovely patina with age.

...Birch bark. Generally, rather than being woven, the bark is stitched together.

...Cattails and other grasses. Usually used as the core material in coiled baskets, these are gathered and dried before use.

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