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Gathering and Carrying Baskets

Before plastic bags and modern packaging, baskets were used around the farm and household to gather and carry a multitude of things. Each has a shape and structure suited to its purpose.

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Market Basket Uses

These two market baskets sit on a shelf in my utility room, stuffed with all those little tubes of paints, drawing pencils, stencils, and other junk associated with my crafts!

Deep market hand painted with flowers Item # 5010 $42.00

Market Baskets

Market baskets, in a variety of sizes and depths, were used for such tasks as bringing home items from the marketplace.

Left: Shallow market Item # 5001 $42.00 br> Right: Deep market, either hand painted with choice of painted flowers or accent color Item # 5010 $42.00

Jeremiah Baskets

The Jeremiah basket has a unique shape.
In the large size, this sturdy basket is great for small picnics, or carrying books back and forth to the library!

Left: Medium Jeremiah Basket Item # 7201 $48.00
Right: Small Jeremiah Basket Item # 7202 $40.00
not Shown: Large Jeremiah Basket Item # 7200 $55.00

Car Tote

A taller, narrower version of the market basket, these fit beautifully behind the front seat for hauling any of the stuff you need!

Optional floral handpainted flower on the 1 inch stenciling strip at top.

Car tote with swing handle Item # 3602 $50.00

Tall Tote Basket

This large basket is designed to carry all those files and paperwork. With a swing handle, this tall, narrow basket is sturdy and easy to carry.

Each: Item # 3610 $52.00

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Call me at 423-377-5555 for more information. To order via mail - print an order form

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