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Basket Types

Below are examples of the kinds of baskets I make and sell. Many of them are one-of-a-kind, or something that I only do for special orders. A well made basket should last for years, check out the basket care tips! I usually have a variety of baskets on hand, as I am always trying out new styles and techniques or weaving the old favorite Appalachian styles to sell at shows. Print out an order form while you browse the basket pages!
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please order via mail - print an order form. call me at 423-377-5555 for more information.

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in Stock baskets Baskets I have in Stock

I always have some baskets in stock, that can be shipped immediately. If you like the style, color, size, and finish, you can get your choice right away!

Pictured: Shaker Cathead Baskets.

Go to the in stock baskets page to see pictures and prices.

Gift Certificates Gift Certificates

Can't decide? You don't have to!

Get a gift certificate instead.

Go to the Gift Certificates page for details.

Mini, Twill and Shaker Baskets Mini, Twill, and Shaker Baskets

Itty bitty sizes of typical baskets, traditional Shaker styles, and pretty twill weaves.

Go to the Mini, Twill, and Shaker Baskets page to see the baskets and prices.

Bride's and Wedding Baskets Bride's and Wedding Baskets

How about a basket for the flower girl? Or, gifts for the bride?

Go to the Bride's and Wedding Baskets page to see the baskets and prices.

ribbed baskets Ribbed baskets

The Appalachian ribbed style of basket.

They are available in a variety of sizes and special color combinations!

Prices range from $5.00 to $150.00 or more, depending on size and complexity.

Go to the Ribbed baskets page to see more pictures and prices.

hearth and berry baskets Hearth and Berry Baskets

Hearth baskets have traditionally been used to keep kindling next to the fireplace. They have a unique slanted side.

Both square and round based berry baskets were used to gather berries from the fields and hillsides.

Go to the Hearth and Berry baskets page to see more pictures and prices.

primitive baskets Primitive Baskets

A selection of baskets that are both useful and great for primitive decorating.

Go to the Primitive baskets page to see more pictures and prices.

seasonal baskets Seasonal and Special Occasion Baskets

Special occasion baskets can range from fretwork hearts for Valentines or for Weddings...

to these cute stocking baskets that can be used instead of the traditional soft stocking!

Go to the Seasonal and Special Occasion baskets page to see more pictures and prices.

desk set Daily Use Baskets

From serving bread or rolls...to prettying up your desk... these baskets add a touch of whimsey to your daily life.

Pictured: Desk Set.

Go to the Daily Use Baskets page to see pictures and prices.

Row of baskets during a break in class

Row of student baskets during a break in class.

Events and Classes I do art and craft shows in the area and teach basketry classes at a variety of art centers, state parks, and craft shops.

Go to the Events and Classes page to see pictures and dates of events and classes.

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I always have some baskets on hand. A basket ordered from stock can be shipped immediately. Special order baskets are made when you order, so expect to wait approximately 2 weeks for delivery, unless otherwise noted.

Call me at 423-494-5373 for more information. To order via mail - print an order form

Email sassykatbaskets@yahoo.com

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